Hypno porn is a genre of porn involving the element of erotic hypnosis. The nature of this site contains graphical sexual depictions of the female form subject to hypnosis for recreational and experimental purposes. The intent is to enhance sexual response and having fun doing it.

This site is only in its early stages of infancy. As time goes by we will add new content to include exciting video footage of models displaying a variety of different trance phenomena in our exploration of the mind’s limitless capacity for imagination.


“The deeper you go, the better you feel.”

“Go deep, become completely relaxed to the sound of my voice… drifting inside and out. Guiding you deeper and deeper.”

“Feel yourself letting go. Feel all that tension draining from your body. Relaxing all thoughts… inside and out.”


Direct Drive Technique

The direct drive technique is simply making the same suggestion over and over again either in the exact same form or in different variations of the same suggestion. It is essentially repetition with the expectation that subsequent suggestions will result in the actualization of the effect in greater quantity. The subject becomes more familiar with actualizing the suggestion as the impressions are imprinted in his mind over and over again.

In rote memorization you are able to recall information more readily with each repetition. This can be compared to fractionation which is applied over and over again in order for the subject to learn how to shift in different states of absorption at request. Suggestions repeated over again causes attentional focus to constantly be directed to the suggestion. It is to be reminded that trance is a state of learning. We condition new behaviors using trance because it facilitates the acceptance of irrational absurd statements as fact without interference of rationale objection.



In Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, the recommendation is a minimum of 15 times for a repetition of a suggestion

“The Direct Drive technique consists of you simply making the same suggestion over and over. Generally it is recommended that the suggestion be given a minimum of 15 times.”

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Banyan and Kein, © 2001 Pg. 45



Here’s an example posted by Barry Neale on Hypnothoughts forums.
“We are now going to use a direct drive technique to fully saturate every part of your mind and body with a suggestion, and I want you to help me with this. I want you to mentally repeat this suggestion with me as you hear it. You don’t need to say it out loud just mentally repeat it. The more forcefully you mentally repeat the more effective it will be. Ok so let’s begin

That’s right, and as you continue to relax I want you to keep mentally repeating that suggestion over and over again as I continue to talk to you until it becomes the truth for you.”



What suggestions should we imprint in multiple instances?

Pretty much any suggestions repeated more than once bears repeating again and again. If you want a stronger response then the direct drive technique is one path you can take.


Instead of only 15 repetitions why not take it to the extreme with 1500 repetitions?

In this case we would want to create an auto loop that will run without the hypnotist being present. We could create an audio recording immersing the subject with constant suggestions or we could create an auditory hallucination with the subject hearing the voice of the hypnotist. We could also take it further and create a situation in which trance is taking place inside trance as in a hallucinated world in conjunction with time distortion for rapid conditioning.

1500 repetitions is only reasonable so long as there is an observed improvement in the response and condition of the subject. Otherwise if the subject is not responding to your expectations then an alternative approach perhaps be considered. There will be diminishing return on value at some time if the repetition continues endlessly.


When repetition fails.


What conditions affects whether repetition of a suggestions will result in pronounced positive actualization of effect or not?


Trance is necessary.

Conscious willingness to fully accept and actualize the suggestion.

Time variable affects quality of trance.

Hypno Tricks

Eye catalepsy

Arm levitation

Eye closure

Name amnesia




The louder you are the better you feel.

Having the subject assume a persona where she is a highly orgasmic girl capable of multiple orgasms one after the other with near nonexistent refractory period.

Having the skin of the entire body become one giant erogenous zone. Sensitivity becomes acute.

Your mouths becomes your pussy and as you suck on the cock you feels it just as if your pussy was getting fucked.

Mindgasms. Feel gentle waves of pure pleasure all throughout your mind. Feeling very relaxed and happy.

Each time your lick the shaft of the penis you feel another wave of euphoria. Each and every time growing stronger, each time even better than the time before.

Full body orgasm now.


Gain compliance with direct suggestion. Do this in combination with dirty talk to escalate arousal.

Tell me you’re a happy girl.

Tell me you love my touch.

Tell me you love to obey.

Tell me you’re my naughty little girl.



Time distortion

Extending one orgasm to stretch out for over a hour.


Time distortion in combination with hallucinations. Inducing wet dreams.

Seven days at a five star hotel having the best sex of your life. Each day the sex and orgasms progressively get even better.



The three count orgasms method. This is to build up arousal and set up the expectation. Instead of suddenly commanding her to cum you set up the expectation first as a sort of self affirmation suggestion.

1… look at me now… feel the pleasure beginning to build.

2… love my touch… it’s irresistible.

3… cum for me. cum for me now.

Continue on with intensifying it. Repeating the suggestions to amplify the effect.


Play with different positions. Have her imagine invisible ropes binding her to the bed posts. Induce orgasm there.

Have her kneeing and subservient. Induce orgasm.

Freeze her in various position. Induce orgasm.

Face in pillow with ass in the air. Induce orgasm anchor to spanking.

Induce orgasm while she’s lovely giving a blowjob.




Induce euphoria.

Feel that total rush of euphoric pleasure. You feel warm and tingly. The pleasure gets even better. You can’t help but smile. Happiness can’t even begin to describe how you feel. Everything’s changing for the better now. And you’re feeling so excited because you know… you know… I’m the one that’s making you feel this way.


Every pleasure sensation you feel becomes even better exponentially. Sex becomes incredible and your sexual desire grows even stronger.


Feel that wonderful warm fuzzy feeling all throughout mind and body, slowly coursing from head to toe. Everything in your body just buzzing with intense warm heat and you feel so relaxed in every way. And the pleasure grows ten times stronger. Ten times more intense. This feeling washes upon you like a warm pleasant wave of prefect relaxation and pleasure all throughout mind and body.