Hypno Tricks

Eye catalepsy

Arm levitation

Eye closure

Name amnesia




The louder you are the better you feel.

Having the subject assume a persona where she is a highly orgasmic girl capable of multiple orgasms one after the other with near nonexistent refractory period.

Having the skin of the entire body become one giant erogenous zone. Sensitivity becomes acute.

Your mouths becomes your pussy and as you suck on the cock you feels it just as if your pussy was getting fucked.

Mindgasms. Feel gentle waves of pure pleasure all throughout your mind. Feeling very relaxed and happy.

Each time your lick the shaft of the penis you feel another wave of euphoria. Each and every time growing stronger, each time even better than the time before.

Full body orgasm now.


Gain compliance with direct suggestion. Do this in combination with dirty talk to escalate arousal.

Tell me you’re a happy girl.

Tell me you love my touch.

Tell me you love to obey.

Tell me you’re my naughty little girl.



Time distortion

Extending one orgasm to stretch out for over a hour.


Time distortion in combination with hallucinations. Inducing wet dreams.

Seven days at a five star hotel having the best sex of your life. Each day the sex and orgasms progressively get even better.



The three count orgasms method. This is to build up arousal and set up the expectation. Instead of suddenly commanding her to cum you set up the expectation first as a sort of self affirmation suggestion.

1… look at me now… feel the pleasure beginning to build.

2… love my touch… it’s irresistible.

3… cum for me. cum for me now.

Continue on with intensifying it. Repeating the suggestions to amplify the effect.


Play with different positions. Have her imagine invisible ropes binding her to the bed posts. Induce orgasm there.

Have her kneeing and subservient. Induce orgasm.

Freeze her in various position. Induce orgasm.

Face in pillow with ass in the air. Induce orgasm anchor to spanking.

Induce orgasm while she’s lovely giving a blowjob.




Induce euphoria.

Feel that total rush of euphoric pleasure. You feel warm and tingly. The pleasure gets even better. You can’t help but smile. Happiness can’t even begin to describe how you feel. Everything’s changing for the better now. And you’re feeling so excited because you know… you know… I’m the one that’s making you feel this way.


Every pleasure sensation you feel becomes even better exponentially. Sex becomes incredible and your sexual desire grows even stronger.


Feel that wonderful warm fuzzy feeling all throughout mind and body, slowly coursing from head to toe. Everything in your body just buzzing with intense warm heat and you feel so relaxed in every way. And the pleasure grows ten times stronger. Ten times more intense. This feeling washes upon you like a warm pleasant wave of prefect relaxation and pleasure all throughout mind and body.

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